Some helpful pieces on planning and study

I’ve been finding a number of really helpful pieces on different aspects of planning, research and study recently, and here share three of my favourites.

Here is a belter of a piece by the wonderful Katherine Firth about ‘Taking a critical distance break’, explaining the very helpful process of stepping back from a project you’re engrossed in, to give yourself time and head space to see what’s really going on, what’s most important, how things fit together, etc.

Here is a very helpful piece on how to think about making the best use of your time by asking four key questions about what you’re doing, based on a TED talk by Rory Vaden. It’s a valuable step beyond the ‘to do’ list. I’m an unashamed devotee of Michael Hyatt’s thinking and use his very fine Full Focus Planner to do my planning (see Chris Green’s very helpful full review here). This article has given me an extra club in my metaphorical golf bag in making decisions about what I should prioritise. If you want to see the full 18.5 minute video, it’s here.

And here is a more specific post by the excellent Lucy Peppiatt, the Principal of the Westminster Theological Centre, on why evangelical-charismatic Christians should take reading and teaching the Bible far more seriously than they frequently appear to do. Lucy is offering critique from within of her own Christian tradition, and it’s cogent and urgent in days when (alas) much preaching in that tradition can be of the ‘string interesting stories together and keep the congregation entertained with jokes’ genre. Not all is like that, but too much is, and Lucy offers some very fine advice and thinking on how to do better, not least in the light of her experience of speaking at New Wine this summer.

What have you been reading that has helped you? Please share in the responses!