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What is worship? A talk on Revelation 19

I spoke on Revelation 19 on Sunday evening (17 March 2024) at Emmanuel Church, Loughborough. Above is the video of my talk, and here are the slides. The focus is on worship, as in the chapter of Revelation. As always, I’m grateful to those who have thought about it more than me, including George Caird, John Sweet, Sarah Dixon, and Ian Paul. Thoughts and comments are welcome!

Revelation 14—the Lamb vs the beasts: an outline

I spoke on Revelation 14, which portrays the battle of the Lamb and his followers and the beasts of Revelation 13 and their followers, at Emmanuel Church, Loughborough, and here’s the outline of my talk. No video this time—we were having our monthly café church in our halls, where there isn’t a streaming facility. Thoughts and comments welcome.

Introducing Mark: slides

I have led an evening for our preaching team at Emmanuel Church, Loughborough, introducing Mark’s Gospel, since we’re doing a preaching series in Mark at our morning services over the coming months. Here are the slides from my input—thoughts and comments welcome!