Ruth 2: a sermon

Here’s another sermon from our evening series at Emmanuel Church, Loughborough on women of the Old Testament, this time on Ruth—a figure with whom it’s easier to be sympathetic than Jael, the subject of my previous sermon here. As with the Jael sermon, below is a link to the YouTube video and here’s the link for the set of slides for the talk.

2 thoughts on “Ruth 2: a sermon

  • James

    You started to get “preachy” with the lamp to my feet part and the way you expounded on how the lighting on/of the journey works. Where as before it was more “teachy” but I am probably talking rubbish in using those terms. But hopefully you get what I mean?! “Be like Ruth!” Most definitely. Although I can’t bcos Ruth/ she is a woman. Hahahahahahahaha

    • Steve Walton Post author

      Thanks James. Well I was preaching! And you can be like Ruth—not in every respect, since you’re not female or an ancient Israelite. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be like Ruth in the key ways I identified at the end of the talk.


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