My inaugural lecture: ‘Doing theology Lukewise: Luke as theologian and storyteller’

I’m preparing for my inaugural professorial lecture (something UK academics do when appointed professor), and am planning to speak about how Luke ‘does theology’—in order words, how he uses narrative to reflect on and speak about God and God’s ways. The lecture will look at key features of how Luke uses narrative to ‘do theology’, both drawing out principles of Luke’s approach, and looking at how particular parts of his Gospel and Acts communicate about God and God’s ways. This study will, I’m aiming, illuminate ways in which Christians today can reflect on Scripture and engage with it in expounding the Christian faith in and for today’s world.

The lecture is on Monday 15 May at 6 pm in the Waldegrave Drawing Room at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. My blog readers would be most welcome to attend. You need to register, which is free—follow this link.

The St Mary’s University website features maps and directions to the campus. If you have any access requirements please contact rsvp [at] stmarys [dot] ac [dot] uk.