An overview of the Bible—slides

On Sunday 3 December, I had the privilege of teaching those training to be lay ministers in the (Anglican) diocese of Leicester, giving them an overview of the Bible. I used Craig Bartholomew and Michael Goheen’s excellent ‘six act’ outline. Here are my slides—thoughts and comments most welcome!

2 thoughts on “An overview of the Bible—slides

  • David Booth

    Thank you so much for these slides.
    I am currently serving with the Philippines Navgiators with. Y wife Liza.
    Did you make any mention of the necessary historical rootedness of ‘the fall’, the exodus, conquest under Joshua, etc. given the recent evangelical denials (e.g Peter Enns) please? I ask because this seems to be a pressing concern here in light of the perspectives of progressive evangelical scholars like Kenton Sparks and Peter Enns which is gaining traction here.
    I noticed that Bartholomew and Goheen do not address the historical ’ as it relates to Geneies 1-11 and wonder how this might affect the Intertextual, canonical and epistemic integrity of the meta-narrative of redemption if some of the key motifs and elements of the meta-narrative are not historically rooted.
    Any thoughts or suggestions to follow up would be much appreciated please.

    • Steve Walton Post author

      Thanks David. I only touched tangentially on the historicity questions since my focus was on helping the students get an overall picture of the metanarrative which runs through Scripture.


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