A valuable online resource from SBL



The Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) have just released their excellent new online resource, Bible Odyssey. It’s a very useful set of articles, aimed at a ‘lay’ audience (although it will be of great value to students, I reckon), about aspects of the Bible. It is well-organised around a series of ‘hubs’, which are places, people or passages. This release of the site has 20-24 items under each of those links, and then each place, person or passage leads to a bunch of other articles on that topic.

The pages are well-illustrated with lovely photographs, and they have excellent links to Bible passages and other articles, maps and videos (both on the site and elsewhere on the internet).

There is also an ‘Ask a Scholar’ button to enable a visitor to ask for a comment by a biblical scholar on a question.

This is a very well-designed website which will prove, I’m sure, to be a valuable resource to many. I was privileged to contribute an article on Paul’s financial support in relation to Acts, linked to the Corinth hub.

Try it: you’ll like it!