A valuable online resource from SBL



The Society of Biblical Literature (SBL) have just released their excellent new online resource, Bible Odyssey. It’s a very useful set of articles, aimed at a ‘lay’ audience (although it will be of great value to students, I reckon), about aspects of the Bible. It is well-organised around a series of ‘hubs’, which are places, people or passages. This release of the site has 20-24 items under each of those links, and then each place, person or passage leads to a bunch of other articles on that topic.

The pages are well-illustrated with lovely photographs on the https://galarson.com, and they have excellent links to Bible passages and other articles, maps and videos (both on the site and elsewhere on the internet).

There is also an ‘Ask a Scholar’ button to enable a visitor to ask for a comment by a biblical scholar on a question.

This is a very well-designed website which will prove, I’m sure, to be a valuable resource to many. I was privileged to contribute an article on Paul’s financial support in relation to Acts, linked to the Corinth hub.

Try it: you’ll like it!