A two-part sermon on Mark 1:9-15

I’ve recorded a two-part sermon on Mark 1:9-15, the set reading in the Church of England lectionary for this Sunday, the first Sunday of Lent (21 February 2021), and the two sections are below. Part 1 is just over 10 minutes, and part 2 is a little over 13 minutes. Comments are most welcome!

At the end of the video, I mention a reading plan I’ve devised to read the whole of Mark’s Gospel over the coming six weeks of Lent. You can do it either as five readings during each week (10-15 minutes per day) or a bigger chunk once a week (an hour or so each week), depending on which suits your lifestyle best. Here’s a link to the blog post where I write about that and provide downloadable copies of the plan, either as pdf or Excel spreadsheet.