Slides from my talks on ‘Becoming and nurturing a more confident people of God’

Here are links to download the slides from my three main talks for the parish weekend away for St Andrew’s Church, Histon (near Cambridge—picture of their lovely building above), mainly for the St Andrew’s folk, but others are welcome to have them if interested. These aren’t ‘academic’ talks, but are me seeking to bring New Testament scholarship to bear on the question the organisers asked me to address: “How do we become and nurture a more confident people of God?’

The slides are available here:

talk 1: Confidence and growing in confidence

talk 2: Confident in the heart of our faith: the resurrection of Jesus

During questions in this session, I also recommended the ‘Two Ways to Live’ material and app as helpful. Here’s a link to their home page, which includes a link to the app. The books I mentioned are now on one of the slides.

talk 3: Confident in the gospel