Larry Hurtado on ‘The Chosen One’ in 1 Enoch

larry hurtado

I’m catching up on reading at present, and have just read with great appreciation Larry Hurtado’s judicious and helpful summary on his excellent blog of what we can say about this important figure in 1 Enoch, and the possible implications (or not) for New Testament Christology. It’s well worth a read, not least because of the gorgeous statement about scholarly reconstructions in footnote 2:

In lectures I’ve sometimes referred to [scholarly reconstruction] using what I’m told originated as a US military term applied to war-games: SWAG = scientific wild-assed guesswork. But, I emphasize, it’s scientific guesswork, which means that it’s open to critique, refutation, and has to take best account of the facts.

I shall remember (and perhaps use) ‘SWAG’! Read the whole note, you’ll benefit.