Romans 1:18–2:29: a two-part sermon

I was given the privilege of opening up this key passage in Romans for All Saints, Ealing this Sunday. This is the online version of the sermon—I actually delivered a shorter version in person for the first time in about nine months, which was quite exciting! The first part is slightly over 10 minutes, and focuses on 1:18–27, and the second part is a little over 14 minutes, and focuses on 1:28–2:29.

Introducing Romans: a two-part talk

We’re starting a sermon series on Romans at All Saints, Ealing, and I’ve done the introduction for our online service today. Here are the two videos (each a little over 13 minutes). The first gives an overview of why Paul is writing, drawing particularly on 1:8-15 and 15:14-29. The second looks at the shape of the whole letter, and then focuses on 1:1-15 (which I take as a ‘theme text’ for the letter) and 1:16-17 (which spells out key implications of the gospel message introduced Continue reading →

The parables and the kingdom of God/heaven—slides

My friend Dr Svetlana Khobnya invited me to talk with her Jesus and the Gospels class at Nazarene Theological College, Manchester, about what the parables teach about the kingdom of God/heaven, and we did it this morning. This was fun! I was particularly struck in preparing by the concentration of ‘The kingdom of God/heaven is like…’ in Matthew and ‘To what shall we compare the kingdom of God?’ (or similar) in Luke, and the lack of such phrases in Mark. Here is a pdf of Continue reading →