A fine opportunity to learn about Jesus’ parables

My good friend (and former student) Dr Philip Richardson is teaching a four-week online course on the parables of Jesus with the overall title ‘Waiting on the Eternal King: Jesus’ Parables about Life, Death, Judgement and the Second Coming’, and it’s available to anyone in the world! The course is for students at Emmaus University, Haiti (where Philip is interim Vice President of Academic Affairs), and you can join in through Zoom here or YouTube (or @PhilipRichardson-ws5ls from YouTube) later. Philip is inviting donations to Emmaus University from those attend through Zoom or YouTube, and you can do that here.

The course is on Monday 7–8 pm Eastern Daylight Time (USA) on Mondays from 11 September to 2 October. For those in the UK or Europe, the timing will be the middle of the night (= midnight or later start!) but of course anyone in North America will find the start time more conducive—and British and European viewers can watch the episode later on YouTube and still donate to Emmaus University, if they would like.