A two-part sermon on John 20:19-31

Here are links to my two-part sermon on John 20:19-31, the Gospel reading for the first Sunday after Easter (this year, 11 April). The passage is well-known for ‘doubting’ Thomas, but there’s a lot more there than that—and I’ve things to say about doubt and faith which I hope will be helpful. Part 1 is a little under 12 minutes, and part 2 a little over 15 minutes. Comments most welcome!

Elijah, Elisha, John and Jesus in Luke-Acts: slides

I’ve just had great fun in the two-day online seminar on the use of the Old Testament in the New, chaired by Professor Susan Docherty. Normally, this annual seminar happens in person at St Deiniol’s Library, Hawarden in North Wales, but this year it took place online. The seminar is engaged in a project in looking at how the New Testament authors engage with characters from the Old Testament; this year there were a couple of papers on Elijah (including mine), and one on Abraham. Continue reading →

A review of Sean Adams’ Greek Genres and Jewish Authors

Sean A. Adams. Greek Genres and Jewish Authors: Negotiating Literary Culture in the Greco-Roman Era. Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2020. xvii + 430 pp. $79.95. ISBN 978 1 4813 1291 2. This excellent study does exactly what it says it will do: explore the way Jewish authors used and adapted Greek genres of writing between 300 BC and AD 135. Dr Sean Adams shows an astonishing and impressive breadth of engagement with the primary sources for this period, and has put us in his debt Continue reading →
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