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Larry Hurtado and Lea Keck on whether the NT is a ‘field of study’

     In case you missed it, here’s a fascinating post by Larry Hurtado, based on a very interesting article by Leander Keck about whether we should consider the New Testament as a ‘field of study’ separate from other early Christian literature. Hurtado’s conclusion is particularly interesting to me: In short, for theological purposes the NT is (and should be) a “privileged” body of texts.  But for historical purposes we should both take account of the breadth and diversity of early Christian literature and also Continue reading →

Larry Hurtado on the Apostolic Fathers

Here’s a valuable post by Larry Hurtado introducing the Apostolic Fathers and some key resources for reading these important texts. I read some of these with my MA Greek Texts class, and it was fun for the students (and their lecturer!) to read stuff which they didn’t know so well in English.