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The parables and the kingdom of God/heaven—slides

My friend Dr Svetlana Khobnya invited me to talk with her Jesus and the Gospels class at Nazarene Theological College, Manchester, about what the parables teach about the kingdom of God/heaven, and we did it this morning. This was fun! I was particularly struck in preparing by the concentration of ‘The kingdom of God/heaven is like…’ in Matthew and ‘To what shall we compare the kingdom of God?’ (or similar) in Luke, and the lack of such phrases in Mark. Here is a pdf of Continue reading →

Judy Redman on the parable of the wheat and weeds (tares)

Here’s a great piece by Judy Redman from her blog about the parable of the wheat and weeds (tares) in Matthew 13:24-30—well worth reading. I’m particularly struck by the way she uses her training in agriculture to inform her reading of this parable and to show how much sense it makes in the first century, where agricultural practices were different to day. I love the fact that there was a law against people spreading darnel seed among wheat seed, which suggests that Jesus’ scenario in Continue reading →