Galatians 2:11-21: a two-part sermon

We’re continuing to preach through Galatians at my church, All Saints, Ealing, and I have the privilege this week of preaching on 2:11-21, one of the ‘mountain top’ passages in the letter IMHO. Here are links to the two parts of my sermon from my YouTube channel.

As always, feedback and comments are very welcome!

4 thoughts on “Galatians 2:11-21: a two-part sermon

  • Richard Fellows

    Two minor points.

    Antioch is in modern Turkey, not Syria.

    You adopt the textual variant in Gal 2:12, ηλθον. However, ηλθεν is better attested and it supported by Acts, as I have explained.

    • Steve Walton Post author

      Thanks Richard; I was using ‘Syria’ in the ancient sense (and was not clear, I agree). As you notice, I’m with NA28 and Metzger (et al.) in reading ‘they came’ in 2:12. Where have you published on that variant, please?

      • Richard Fellows

        Sorry about the delay. I have just returned from vacation. See Richard G. Fellows, “Paul, Timothy, Jerusalem and the Confusion in Galatia,” Biblica 99.4 (2018). I am following Stephen Carlson, but with a different historical reconstruction.


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